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Go Red Passion Committees are groups of women committed to making their local community Go Red. Women who are part of this committee believe in the mission of the American Heart Association, and are willing to dedicate time, resources, influence and even dollars to these efforts. Passion members:


  • Encourage local landmarks and buildings to Go Red on National Wear Red Day.

  • Volunteer at Go Red for Women Luncheons, media events and health fairs.

  • Help us organize a group of heart disease survivors for our Survivor Gallery photo shoot, or Go Red for Women casting call.

  • Support Go Red Have Faith in Heart programs at area places of worship.

  • Visit our national and local sponsors and thank them for their support.

  • Speak at local events or Go Red Brown Bag presentations and share their stories.


You don’t have to be a survivor to be a part of the Passion Committee, but you do have to be a fighter. 




Ready to Spark Change? 


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It is truly a blessing to fulfill a servant role fueled by a passion of dedication and determination. Together with the support of my husband, family and Lymphedema

community, I will continue building a platform that myself and others can be inspired by.

My goal is to empower Women, Men and Children around the world through my personal journey while supporting

multiple organizations as an International Spokespersonby giving Voice to Lymphedema and being the

Voice of Significance.

I am living a passion filled purpose and thriving with Lymphedema, traveling the world as a Global Ambassador building awareness, fundraising, education and support, providing hope for the 140 Million individuals that are affected by Lymphedema and may be suffering in silence as I once did.


Living a beautiful life of creativity and color! I love being able to express my creative talents as an artist, and learned to take my artistry skills and put them into makeup. Touching the lives of individuals helping them feel beautiful from the inside out as a makeup artist empowers me.


My passion for dance started at the age of seven.  Any opportunity to perform and express my personality, through my feet was always a challenge that had its rewards.  It wasn’t until I started experiencing symptoms in my lower extremities that were literally slowing down my dancing career and transforming my body that I became determined to find answers.


After several misdiagnoses since the age of 14, I received the diagnoses of Primary Lymphedema after 18 years of being misdiagnosed and have since turned my frustrations and defeat into a passion filled purpose as Mrs. Florida International 2016! I utilize my journey to encourage and inspire others to give voice to their story, rather than suffer in silence as I once did.


I am blessed by the unconditional love and support from my husband and family, which has instilled a greater determination within to never lose hope.  My prayers are for every person affected by a circumstance.  May you believe you are not on this journey alone and together we will be the Voice of Significance. 

Lymphedema does not discriminate. It affects infants to elders, male and female. It is estimated that over 140 MILLION PEOPLE

are living with Lymphedema globally. 

Lymphedema is an abnormal collection of high-protein fluid just beneath the skin. This swelling, or edema, occurs most commonly in the arm or leg, but it also may occur in other extremities.

The time to address Lymphedema symptoms is NOW. Although Lymphedema cannot be cured, it can be treated in a way that alleviates symptoms and can allow the person to live comfortably.

I am so passionate about Lymphedema because after 18 years of being misdiagnosed, I have learned to manage my symptoms, and have discovered how to live with Lymphedema beautifully and full of joy.

"Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we'll ever do."


-Brene Brown

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